Thank you for considering to have your new showreel made by Keep it Reel.


This is how it will happen:


You send all your material to Preferably via wetransfer, or link where the films can be downloaded. If the film is on Vimeo, the link must be "open for download” by the person who has uploaded the film. Please also think about if you wish for any information to be featured in the showreel (Name, email, phone, agent?), and if you want music. 


Now we have started, the first part of the payment has to be payed. (135€)


Keep it Reel will now start to edit the first draft of the showreel.


When the first draft is done Keep it Reel will send it to you via wetransfer. Now all of your notes and comments are welcome.


From the feedback, Keep it Reel will now correct the showreel and send a new draft to you.


When all of your dreams and thoughts have come true (if it takes 2 or 20 drafts, it is you who has to be satisfied with your showreel), Keep it Reel will polish the film for final details and adjustments.


And... BOOM! Your showreel is done.


Keep it Reel sends you the final showreel and an invoice for the whole payment and the remaining payment (265€) will be requested, with many thanks for using Keep it Reel.

Because this way of making a showreel demands close dialogue and feedback, please note, if a project exceeds more than one month a 10% additional charge of the preset price will be added, per exceeded week. A project is considered started when Keep it Reel first receives the material.

Let’s get started…